Spamming is a big nuisance and no one can understand it better than a person who is using a WordPress blog. Besides destroying your online repute, spamming also affects your web link in a negative way from SEO perspective. In such scenarios, having an anti-spam plugin can be a life-saver. However, in a pool of anti-spam plugins available on World Wide Web, finding the right one can be really daunting.

Discussed here some of the best anti-spam WordPress plugins that are worth your consideration. Let’s have a sneak peek:

  1. Anti-spam

This plugin automatically blocks spamming comments. Besides, it is user-friendly, which allows the non-techies to use the plugin easily. All you need to do is to install it, and ta-da.

Anti-spam WordPress Plugin does not support Captcha as it was created on the ideology that since spam is not users’ problems, therefore they shouldn’t need to enter Captcha again and again.

  1. Anti-spam Bee

The best part about Antispam Bee is that it’s free and extremely effective. Moreover, it is also very popular and reliable WordPress Anti-Spam Plugin as it follows European data privacy standards. Antispam Bee defends your blog against the spam comments and trackbacks without making the user insert any Captcha every time.

  1. Akismet

Considered as one of the most helpful, user-friendly and widely used anti-spam WordPress plugins, Akismet has been considered as the best premium anti-spam software. Every comment made on your blog is individually checked by Akismet web service. After identifying spam comments, it informs the admin about the comments and also generates a spam report.

  1. WP-SpamShield Anti-Spam

Like others in the list, WP-SpamShield Anti-Spam provides spam protection without generating Captcha and decreases inconvenience for the website visitors. The plugin has been counted among the most powerful, free and easy to use WordPress anti-spam Plugins that securely delete spamming comments of all sorts. WP-SpamShield Anti-Spam offers a double-layered protection service to make your website blog secure against spam.

  1. SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam

Contrasting to other plugin, SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam Plugin creates CAPTCHA in order to avoid spam, which means that users need to pass the Captcha test for posting comments, sign up or logging in. The plugin is useful in keeping bot spams at bay.

Please not that Captcha can block automated comments, however, this does not cover the spam comments made by a human.

  1. Stop Spammers Spam Prevention

Helpful in stopping multiple types of spams, such as registration spam, comment spam, contact, trackback spam and form spam, stop spammers spam prevention executes over twenty different spam verifications from more than hundred different countries across the Earth.

If the spam is detected, the visitors are given another chance to sign in or publish comments. After that users will see Captcha screens showing denied requests so as to avoid visitors from being blocked from the page. The user will experience the Captcha tests when s/he is denied access due to spamming activities.

  1. Spam Protection by CleanTalk

CleanTalk anti-spam for WordPress

If you are ready to make some investments, CleanTalk is the way to go. It is hosted on the cloud and is considered as a reliable WordPress plugin to prevent spam comments, trackbacks, and spambot signups. Cleantalk uploads the incoming comments to its cloud servers for multiple checks. After verification, the plugin automatically either send the comment to spam queue or publish it on the blog. The plugin offers a detailed report of prevented spam activities along with a spam comment log.

  1. WangGuard

WangGuard anti-spam WordPress plugin

This cloud-based anti-spam WordPress plugin comprises of multiple spam validators. Having a similar database as Akismet, WanGuard offers extensive support. It works differently than other spam blocking plugins. It checks the user registration with its centralized database to verify if the user activities fit into any of the updated spam criteria. Based on the results, WanGuard will pass or abort the registration process.

  1. WordPress Zero Spam

Zero Spam WordPress anti-spam plugin

Created by David Walsh, a Mozilla developer, Zero spam uses the server as well as the client side JavaScript key validation for blocking bots from spam activities. Users can only post comments if their device is JavaScript enabled. The user-friendly plugin will stop registration spam and comment spam automatically.

  1. WPBruiser

anti-spam plugin WP Bruiser

WPBruiser works more like an autopilot, as it functions behind the scene and ensures that your blog is free from all sorts of spam. All you need to do is to install the plugin and it will start working without needing you to connect with cloud or any other system. Just activate the plugin and tweak the settings as per your needs and voila!


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