Launched in 2010, WordPress Multisite is a WordPress feature that helps you numerous independent websites from one WordPress installation. With a WordPress Multisite, you can easily create a network with many sub-sites from a sole database Truth be said, there are many WordPress plugins but not all of them are tailored to enhance the management of WordPress Multisite networks. Many WordPress Multisite network admins, irrespective of their techie experience find it difficult to establish the best plugins to use on their Multisite networks. If you are one of them, we have made things pretty easier for you by compiling you a list of over 11 best plugins that you can on your Multisite network for its easy management.
  1. Multisite Plugin Manager

Previously called WPMU Plugin Manager, Multisite Plugin Manager helps you in the controlling of the collection of native plugins on your network. The open source software adjusts plugin permissions for your entire network’s websites by using a backend options page. It limits your sites’ access to particular plugins and gets rid of plugin meta row links. Fortunately, you won’t have to part with even a coin to get this plugin because it is offered for free at the plugin repository of WordPress.
  1. WordPress MU Domain Mapping

With a WordPress Multisite alone, you can create new subdomain or subfolder sites from your main domain. However, if you intend to want to create a network with each of the sites on it bearing an exceptional top-level domain name, you’ll need a plugin for that purpose. WordPress MU Domain Mapping is a perfect fit for the task. With WordPress MU Domain Mapping, you can ‘map’ individual domain names to your Multisite network websites. If you are a Multisite network admin struggling with domain mapping, then this plugin will certainly relieve you the hassle.
  1. Multisite Cloner

As an administrator of your Multisite Network, you can use the default admin dashboard to configure the basic features of the content on all websites on your network. However, if you want to make all sites clones of a single exiting site, you need a plugin such as Multisite Cloner which is specifically designed for the purpose. Multisite Cloner is a very helpful tool for a WordPress Multisite user who intends to create numerous sites for a company or institution of higher learning. With it, you can create a master site from which the content for the subsequent sites on the network will be copied. Therefore, it is the plugin to count on when you want to give users on your network a good starting point. Don’t forget that this plugin is offered to you for free.
  1. Multisite Content Copier

Multisite Content Copier works the same as Multisite Cloner, the difference between the two being that the latter is free while the former comes with a price. Just like Multisite Cloner, Multisite Content Copier allows you to copy content from your ‘master site’ to other sites on your network.
  1. Networks for WordPress

Networks for WordPress free WordPress plugin designed to help Multisite admins manage their networks more efficiently. It allows you to create new networks in your existing network. Once the plugin is activated, the admins of your site will be capable of creating their personal site’s Multisite Network. As a result, your network will have two site layers. Besides, the plugin will help the admins to activate the themes and plugins of the main network to the sites on their sub-network. This plugin is very important for multisite users who are in need of hierarchical-structure website networks.
  1. Anti Splog

Bumping on spammy blogs (also called splogs) on your site is one of the most disgusting experiences to a website owner. When activated on your site, Anti Splog plugin keeps it free from unwanted blogs by spammers. Using an algorithm, the plugin detects splogs registered on your website and gets rid of them before their creation. The plugin is particularly helpful for open networks where users are allowed to create their own sites since such networks are highly vulnerable to splogs.
  1. User Switching plugin

Sometimes you want to find out the exact experience of other users for instance from a client or other team member’s perspective, don’t you? However, asking for other user’s logins details or resetting their passwords is not a good idea. Even if everyone is willing to give them to you, it is not the best way out, thanks to various security issues. User Switching plugin saves you the struggle by allowing you to switch to the user from whose perspective you want to experience your network. Despite the fact that you will not be logged specifically as that user, you’ll have a similar experience of the network to theirs.
  1. Multisite Enhancement

Multisite Enhancements, another free plugin, comes in handy for the management of your WordPress Multisite in various ways. Primarily, it enables you (as an admin) to see the themes and plugins are activated on every site on your network. By being able to see where which and where themes or plugins are activated on your sites’ network, you can debug, test and/or upgrade them more quickly as compared to when you don’t have the capability.
  1. Support System

If you run a Multisite network with many users allowed to create and manage their own sites, Support System will be a very helpful plugin. When activated on your network, you will be able to provide support to the users without you necessarily having to keep track of their many emails and phone calls. The plugin introduces support ticketing as well as an FAQ system to your network. The users can access these platforms and learn how to manage their sites without having to contact you directly.
  1. Dropdown multisite selector

Dropdown Multisite selector allows you to create a dropdown list containing particular or all sites in your network. Another amazing thing about this plugin is that you can customize the label your dropdown according to the needs of your Multisite network.
  1. WP Security Audit Log

Although it is not exclusively designed for Multisite, WP Security Audit Log, a free plugin, can integrate with your Multisite network and help you to keep track of all the activities taking place on the network. When it is activated on your network, you’ll be able to see the activities of each user as well as unidentified visitors on your site. With such information, you’ll be in a good position to spot potential security risks before things turn thick in your network. There are many WordPress plugins that are designed to help you manage your WordPress Multisite more efficiently and safely. While some are free, others come with a price. WynnAuthor Bio: Wynn is the founder of Novage Communications – a leading web design company in Singapore. She specializes in SEO and loves applying her skills to help local clients. She has successfully set up a baby online store in Singapore Sources