100 Free Line-Style Icons

This weeks set of free icons are 100 Free Line-Style Icons by Elegant Themes. If you haven’t heard of Elegant Themes, they are an awesome WordPress Theme development company who has an awesome membership. You gain access to 87 Beautiful WordPress themes for one low price. One of them happens to be a new all-star theme called Divi, that has a drag-and-drop editor. To go along with their awesome themes, They have developed some beautiful icon sets to make your sites look great, especially when using their themes. This set of 100 Free Line-Style Icons is one of those awesome sets, and you’ll love their simplistic, highly optimized look. You can preview the set of 100 Free Line-Style Icons below.

100 Free Line-Style Icons 1

These icons have a linear look, which will give any site a streamlined appearance. I love the mix of different icon. From documents to devices, you have the ability to create a beautiful interface with a consistent appearance.

100 Free Line-Style Icons 2

There are a wide varieties of icons to choose from. These icons are common items you would find on a majority of websites. There are icons for maps, icons for settings, and icons for interacting with different areas of a site or app. There are also unexpected, but fun and friendly icons, such as the hot air balloon and the bicycle icons below.

100 Free Line-Style Icons 3

Download 100 Free Line-Style Icons

The download package includes the vector .AI and .SVG files, as well as 32px and 64px .PNGs. As always, these icons are completely free to use, and have been released under the GPL. This means you can edit the icons however you wish, and drop them into your site. Another great option is to download the icon font itself, that Elegant themes has also made available for free. You can’t get much better than free! To download the icon set, click the link below to be taken to the download page.

Download 100 Free Line-style Icons