Long Shadows PSD Icons

The free icon set of the week is an awesome free icon set by Lex Keller from Russia. This week’s freebie is 40 Free Long Shadows PSD Icons. This set is absolutely pixel-perfect, and is created in the flat design style. These icons have a lot of depth, despite being in the flat design style. The long shadows are done in a way where it adds to the shape of each icon and makes it stand out. These icons are in Psd format, so you can easily bring them into Photoshop and change them, manipulate them, and make them your own. You can preview these awesome 40 Free Long Shadows PSD Icons below.

40 Free Long Shadows PSD Icons

There are a lot of great icons in this set, such as the print icon and the lock icon. A few social media icons are included, too, such as the Twitter, google+ Facebook and Instagram logos. Those icons are useful for any website of app. There are some unique icons in this set, too, such as the tire icon, the coding icon, and the skull in the bottom left corner. I like the clock icon, as well as the 404 icon. You could use the 404 icon to accentuate the 404 error page for your website. The bell icon, the battery and the play button all look great, and are really stylish. The camera lens icon and the piano icon are really sleek, with subtle shadows. The microphone icon really stands out against the light grey background.

Download 40 Free Long Shadows PSD Icons

You can download these 40 Free Long Shadows PSD Icons and use them in your own projects. They are made with vector shapes, so you can resize any of these icons to any size that you need, so they will look great on any device, whether it is on a regular mobile device or one with a Retina Display. To download these icons, click the link below to be taken to the download page.