iOS7 Style Icons

You can find free icon sets all over the web. There are thousands and thousands of free vector, PNG, and SVG icon sets that you can download to use in your website. Having your own personal library of go to assets can really save you a lot of time with design and development. Each week I share a free icon set, and this week I’m sharing the IOS7 style icons by UIJunction. There are over 420 icons in this set, and you can download them for free. You can view a preview of these useful icons below.

420 iOS7 Style Icons

The preview above isn’t all 420, but you get the idea. There are many useful icons in the set, and you’ll find that a lot of these look great. They’re very practical and you’ll use them in a variety of projects. They are mainly designed in an outline style words where it is just the outline of the shapes. However, there are certain icons that are designed with a complete sale. Some icons are designed with both styles in mind. For example, some of it is filled in some of it is just made with the outline. You’ll find useful icons such as keys, locks, shields, weather icons, cloud icons, contact icons, and many other useful types of icons. You get 420 of them for free and they are in PNG format.

Download the IOS7 Style Icons

You can download this free icon set at Even though that this set is free, you can pick up a premium version for a low price. The free set in not retina ready, and the sizing is 30px. However, you are still getting 420 icons for free, which is an incredible deal. To download the free set click the link below to be taken to the download page