Heatmaps in WordPress

Learn about the advantages of heatmaps and what you can learn by using them. SumoMe actually offers heatmaps in WordPress for free, which can give you valuable insight as to how people are interacting with your website. See what users are really interested in, and what they aren’t interacting with at all. This information is valuable when making tweaks to your website for better usability and interactivity.

SumoMe’s plugin is so easy to set up, and you can gain so much insight, it’s a no-brainer when it comes to using it. if you can install a plugin in WordPress and click a couple of buttons, you can use this simple heatmap tool. The more hotspots in one area means the more popular an area is, and it also means that area has received more clicks. You can see from the video that I learned that visitors are clicking the actual text title to a post more than they are clicking the featured images of a post. This only emphasizes that your headlines are more important than ay other element in a post. You can also see that many visitors are clicking on specific words, which means users click on the keywords from a post title that interest them.

heatmaps in WordPress

Do you think you’ll get a lot of use out of heatmaps in WordPress? I have seen other products that are similar to this one that other people are paying for, but this one is 100% free. This is a highly valuable plugin, along with all of the other plugins offered in the SumoMe package. I’ve found that the whole suite is super-useful, and they are all offered for free, making it easy to gain subscribers, get more image shres, and to promote your site much better. Can you think of any other reason that heatmaps in WordPress might be useful? Share your insight with us in the comments section below.