Free Coming Soon Page

When you create a coming soon page, you want it to look great, while not being too cluttered. The key to a good coming soon page is simplicity and giving just enough information to entice your visitors. Another key feature is to add a way to enter their email address, so you can contact them when your site is ready. This is a great way to build interest before the site even launches. That way, your first launch day is a big one, and you have a good chance to go viral. I found a great free coming soon Psd and html template that you can download fro free. I love the countdown feature and I like how it is responsive.

Coming Soon Page Psd

This freebie is by Fikri Studio and you can view their responsive demo. This is a nice touch and really goes the extra mile. I like how the coming soon page template shows days, hours minutes and seconds. It shows that you really have a game plan and that you are organized. Also, if the coming soon page shows that it will be a couple of months before you launch, those visitors will be more likely to enter there email address, so they won’t miss the launch of something cool. Otherwise, they might try to just remember to come back, and would eventually give up, causing you to lose a potential customer.

Coming Soon Page In Use

Above is a preview of what the coming soon page looks like on your screen. It looks clean, sophisticated, and simple. There’s a sign up form, and a few sentences telling your visitors about your company. Then, the last thing they see is where they can connect with you via social media.

Download Free PSD & HTML Coming Soon Page

To preview and download the Free PSD & HTML Coming Soon Page, click the links below.

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