Free UI Kits

The year just keeps rolling by. It’s already November, and I have put together a great collection of free ui kits from around the web. These UI kits are great for visualizing how a user interface will fit together. Laying out how your elements will look ahead of time is a great way to create a sense of unity across an entire user interface. Check out this collection of free ui kits for November 2014.


winter ui kit - free ui kits

This is an example of flat design at its finest. You’ll find all of the buttons, windows, and interface elements you need to create a unified UI.


publica free ui kits

If you love minimal design as much as I do, then you’ll love this UI kit. The showcase of Robert Downy Junior is stylish, sleek, and sophisticated.

Mobile App UI Kit

mobile app ui kit free ui kits

This UI kit is centered around mobile design. The colors provide a great deal of contrast. Even though red and green are conflicting colors, the values chosen work with each other, instead of against them.

Flat UI

flat-ui free ui kits

Sometimes, design isn’t about how much you can cram into a design. It’s usually more about the careful choices you make to create a sensible design. This UI kit exemplifies that.

Opay UI Kit


Bold, colorful and simplistic in appeal, Opay will certainly get your attention. The color palette is great, and it provides a lot of contrast for all elements involved.

Modern Flat UI Kit

modern flat

Yellow and dark blue work well together. This UI kit has a lot of buttons and other utility elements that you’ll find useful in your user interface.

Sven UI Kit

sven ui kit

With ghost buttons and a beautiful teal accent color, Sven is an excellent UI kit.

UI Kit

ui kit

The nameless UI Kit is a streamlined and balanced UI kit that would great for any project.

Coloristic UI Kit


Coloristic is an excellent UI kit with great color choices and a very modern look. Everything is designed with the user in mind.

Apple Watch Apps UI


The Apple Watch was the talk of 2014. Everyone instantly jumped on the bandwagon, designing possible UI elements This one is simple, but shows just what the tiny interface is capable.

Dashboard UI


This is an admin dashboard UI kit with simplicity in mind.


These UI kits are useful for creating unified and professional level user interfaces. Which one is your favorite? I love the Publica UI kit, with its style and class.