Scrapbook Stickers

Are you into scrapbooking? Maybe you like the look of stickers for a project you’re working on. Whatever the case may be, I have an exclusive set of free vector scrapbook stickers from VectorPortal. They have a massive collection of vector files on their site, and have shared this exclusive set with us.

vector Scrapbook stickers

This is a neat set of vector stickers, because they are a mixed bag of useful goodies. You have stickers that have areas for text or labels, which is useful on almost anything. Imagine being able to print these designs out on a sheet of sticker paper and use your own stickers anytime you want. This could really come in handy for scrapbookers. Also, they could come in handy as mailing labels, or anything else you want to place a fun message on.

These vector scrapbook stickers are exclusively from VectorPortal, and may be used in personal or commercial projects. The only thing you can’t do with them is sell them on another site, or redistribute them. If you want to share them, please point back to this post and help spread the word about my site.

Download Free Vector Scrapbook Stickers

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