Freepik Flat Icon Set

Creating a seamless design style across multiple buttons or icons is no easy task. Consistency is key, and today’s free icon set is a great icon set that is seamlessly consistent. Packed with beautiful flat icons, the Freepik Flat Icon Set is the free icon set of the week. There are a total of 49 icons, and they all look great. They were designed by the team at Freepik. They feature the long shadow that is typical of the flat design style. You can preview the Freepik Flat Icon Set below.

Freepik Flat Icon Set

There are a lot of practical icons in the Freepik Flat Icon Set. They are are very practical and useful, such as the calendar icons, the cloud icons, the shopping cart icons and the basket icons. Those icons would be great for a shopping cart section of an e-store. There are also zoom icons, time icons, and document icons that would be useful in a wide range of sites or apps.

I also like the mail and profile or ID icons at the top, too. Those would be useful for any type of site or app that features intersital mail or accounts and profiles. I also like the colors of this set. they stand out, but they aren’t overpowering. of course these icons are vector shapes, and you can edit the size shape and color easily. You could change or convert them over to circular icons, and change the colors to match your company’s brand colors. You could also use them without the backgrounds and just set them up as simple standalone icons.

Download the Freepik Flat Icons Set

The Freepik Flat icon set is free to download and use in your projects. With a unique look and a consistent style, this set is versatile. To download this set, click the link below.

Preview & Download