Free Icons

You can never seem to get enough free icons and graphics. There’s always something new to check out and download. This month is no different, with tons of designers cranking out new free icons, you’ll always have a fresh set to choose from. I put together a collection of free icons from around the web you can download and use in your projects.


Beer Icons

Sure this set only has 6 icons, but I love that they approached such an unexpected subject, executing it well.



200 Free Retinaicons

A whopping 200 icons of varied subjects. They are linear, which I’ve found actually gives you a lot of customization options. This is especially true if you alter them to have a solid fill on your own. Everyone’s interpretations are different. There are so many icons and subjects in this set. You’ll definitely want to check out this extensive set.



40 Free eCommerce icons

This simple eCommerce icon set represents different commerce and monetary concepts. I specially like the one with the card and lock, which represent security.




This set of multicons is simplistic, while style having a strong sense of stye. It’s subtle, but it’s there if you know where to look.


smashicons- download a large set of free icons

250 free Smashicons

A large, detailed set of free icons for different purposes. You can see how flexible they are, because some are in color, while some are monotone. I like the fact that this icon set has a few details without overdoing it.



40 House Icons

This free icon set has a few elements that represent the home life. All of these elements can be found around the home. I like the mix of thick and thin strokes.


outdoor-icons A set of free icons

21 outdoor Sketch Icons

Sketch is becoming increasingly popular. This icon set was created with Sketch and represents various outdoor concepts.



20 Free Web Design Icons

20 Free web design related icons, in Ai, PNG, and SVG formats. It’s a truly unique set with some interesting concepts.



This month’s collection of free icons was a mixed bag of different goodies that could be useful in just about any project. You can use these in apps, websites, print designs and more to represent various concepts and ideas.