Why You Should Try the Hired Free WordPress Theme

It seems like lately all we see are the same website layouts and designs over and over again. We long for something new and fresh. That doesn’t mean it has to be intricate or complicated, it just means we want to see something new. The Hired free WordPress theme, by Modern Themes, is a fresh take on a simple website design. With large social media icons built into the site, you can be sure to build your online following. Let’s take a look at the Hired free WordPress theme and why I made it the theme of the week.

Hired Free WordPress Theme

It’s smooth, sleek and elegant. It has a bold look, without being over the top. The content gets to shine, but in the right way. The social icons are actually built into the design of the site, instead of being plastered somewhere, or added in a menu bar or the footer.

Hired Free WordPress Theme About

It’s the perfect theme for a solo designer, writer, or artist who wants a more candid and personal approach to interacting with their audience. I look the smooth transitions when you click on something, such as the about me section. Nothing about this theme feels out of place. Everything is seamlessly designed to work together.

Hired Free WordPress Theme blog section

The single blog post section still keeps social media within easy reach, while giving you plenty of room for images and text. Readers won’t have to struggle to read your content, because it has plenty of breathing room. In all of Modern Themes, projects, you get unlimited color options, built in Google fonts, sample XML content that you can upload. That is extremely handy when you want to import dummy content, so that your site looks like the demo. That’s a huge time saver, and it makes it easier to understand the quirks of the theme that you’re using.

Download The Hired Free WordPress Theme

Hired is free to download. It’s a great theme for a more personal site. To view the live demo or to download the theme, click the links below.

Demo | Download