Inspirational Web Design

If you’re stuck on a web design project, it can drive you nuts. You keep racking your brain, trying to come up with a great concept or killer idea. It’s posts like these that can kill your creative block and get your creative juices flowing again. I have put together a list of 8 of the most inspirational web design examples you will find on the web. Inspirational web design can spark creativity for your own sites.

Dangerous Robot

inspirational web design: Dangerous Robot

Dangerous robot is a quirky and fun website that features killer custom graphics and gorgeous animations. Everything is seamless, making it a great user experience. Everything is custom tailored, right down to the scrolling effect.

Outdated Browser

inspirational web design Outdated Browser

This is an amazingly beautiful way to check on the latest version of your browsers. It’s colorful, fun, and unique. The sliding transitions are smooth, too, making this a great user experience. You can download the latest version of browser from each column.


inspirational web design: Viual Graphic Designer

A graphic design portfolio that will blow you away. I love the portrait, rounded corner cards that each project is placed on. There’s a lot of interactivity in this site, such as a hover zoom effect, etc.

BMG Media

inspirational web design: BMG Media

This is a great website, with quality scrolling effects that anyone would love. I love the animated look to the site as your scroll down the page. EVerything feels seamless and well executed. It is a smooth site that is highly professional.


inspirational web design: Rokkan

Not only will you be impressed by the bold design of Rokkan, but you’ll also have your jaw dropped by their client list, too. The typography is bold and stunning, and they seem to use the philosophy that just enough is more, which really works for them.

House of 207

inspirational web design: House Of 207

This site is like a scrolling animated infographic. I love the counting sequences and the circular gauges. it really adds a visual feel to all of that data. It is big, bold, and beautifully animated.

McColl Center

inspirational web design: Mccollcenter

I love how the scrolling effect hovers the middle content area over the header and footer. You can tell the main content lies higher than the header and footer while you are scrolling, which gives you a reall sense of depth.

Diamonds in the Sky

inspirational web design: Diamonds in the sky

This one, I had a lot of fun with. You click on an area, and it created a start for you. You can name the star as you wish or look at previously made stars. It’s an interesting concept that really got me hooked.

Conclusion: Inspirational Web Design

All of these sites can be considered inspirational web design. With unique approaches to different web design problems, these sites really stand out. WHich one is your favorite? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to leave your choices in the comments section below.