Longform: A Unique Free WordPress Theme

I regularly share free WordPress themes here on Web Design Blog. Some are good, others are great. Some are premium level themes that you can believe are free. Others are just plain cool. This week, I am sharing a free theme with you called Longform, which is not only well-designed, but it’s just plain cool. Let’s take a look at a unique free WordPress theme called Longform.

Central Layout

A lot of writers and authors are using the centered layout, with no sidebar to tell a story without clutter. Longform does that, and it looks spectacular. The font it uses is called Merriweather, which is an excellent font if you want to check it out and use it in your own projects.

Post Formats

Longform: A unique free WordPress theme with a timeline

Where I consider this to be a truly unique free WordPress theme is how it uses post formats for different types of content. My top 2 favorites are the chapters layout and the timeline layout. You can piece together a story or string together information spread out over a timeline. I love this concept, and it looks excellent. The timeline stays at the bottom of the page the entire time, letting you know visually how far along you’ve progressed through the story or article.

Longform: A unique free WordPress theme with chapters

The chapter setting is just as cool. A button appears in the main navigation menu of the site. When you click it, a full screen menu slides down with a list of chapters. You can click one to go straight to a chapter. Think about the different ways you could bend and mold this for different purposes. You might think of interesting ways to use this that I haven’t thought of.


Longform also utilizes typical shortcodes for different things, such as progress bars, galleries, columns, tabs & accordions. You can control how content is formatted within the post with these shortcodes.

 Conclusion: Preview & Download

Longform is an amazingly unique free WordPress theme with awesome features and a great look. If you’re looking for a way to write stories or connect with readers through long content, Longform is just the WordPress theme for you.

Preview | Download