Maps UI Kit Psd Set

Today’s freebie is a maps UI kit complete with a lot of extras. You will find all of the common elements that you would find in a map applications user interface. There are zoom in and zoom out elements similar to those that you would find on Google Maps. There is also the circular map navigation and the street view icon. This maps ui kit is in native Photoshop format and is in an organized layered file that makes it easy to edit.

Maps-UI-kit-PSD-Set_03 Maps-UI-kit-PSD-Set_04

You’ll find many common elements that you would want from a maps ui kit. There are pin icons for marking your location. There are also clean tool tips for displaying more information about a location. This layered psd file is thoroughly labeled, so you won’t struggle to find anything. You won’t have to spend a bunch of time trying to figure out which elements are on which layers. There are even icons for showing which locations are stores, people, and other common locations that people search for. This maps ui kit contains an entire world map, which is excellent alone. You could do a lot with just this one layer. It even has a 3D map, which you can see in the screenshot above.


This maps ui kit is a really nice set for creating your own custom maps site or application. There are a wide variety of map elements here for creating your own fully custom map design or map app. With careful organization, and almost every element laid out for you in an easy to understand Psd file, you can focus on your design and not on trying to find what you are looking for. What will you create with your free maps ui kit? There are a lot of great elements here that you can use an customize to create a very intuitive and professional maps app.

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