Metro UI Icon Set

Every now and then you come across a resource that stands head and shoulders above the rest. You know it when you see it, because you look at it and you say “wow this is really something!” Today’s free icon set is one of those resources. The Metro UI icon set is an excellent icon set that’ll blow you away. With over 700 different icons that you can use in your designs, this icon set blows most sets right out of the water. Each icon in the Metro UI icon set is square and is the perfect shade of coloring depending on what it’s representing. With subtle shadows and bright colors, this is an amazing set that you will definitely want to add to your icon library. You can preview the Metro UI icon set below.

Metro UI Icon Set

One of the reasons why like to Metro UI icon set so much is because it’s so clean and well done. You can tell that careful craftsmanship and a lot of time and effort went into creating the Metro UI icon set. You can find a lot of icons in this set that you use every day. For example, there is a Skype icon, a Google icon, a Chrome icon, a PowerPoint icon, a Photoshop icon, a Bing icon, a Twitter icon, a Vimeo icon and many more. The Metro UI icon set may be the only icon set that you would actually ever need. You could create so much with just this one set. Each icon is 512 pixels by 512 pixels.

Download the Metro UI icon set

You can download the Metro UI icon set for use in your projects. However, there are some rules for its usage. You can use these icons however you like, but if you post them for others to see on your website you have to give the author credit. If you’re selling anything that contains these icons, you have to be willing to give a portion of your earnings to the creator. To download this set, clicked the link below.

Preview & Download