Mono Social Icon Font

Everybody loves free icon sets, but what people love even more are free icon fonts. Free icon fonts let you embed infinitely scalable graphics on your site via code. Icon fonts are extremely handy and have become popular, especially with frameworks such as Bootstrap. Today’s free icon set is actually the Mono Social Icon Font. The Mono Social Icon Font is a free icon font that is by Ivan Drinchev. Most icon fonts are only available in one style. However, the Mono Social Icon Font is available in three styles. You can get this icon font in a rounded style, a circular style, or a regular style without a background. The Mono Social Icon Font has many great icons to choose from. You can preview the Mono Social Icon Font below.


Mono Social icon font

You can embed the mono social icon font in your website using the act fart face technique or compass SCSS. This makes it easy to embed the fart in your website. There are many popular icons in this set such as the DeviantArt, digg, Dribbble, email, Github, iTunes, Apple, the cloud, MSN, Stack Overflow, Spotify, shareThis, Skype, RSS, Reddit, Tumblr, WordPress, YouTube, Instagram, Wikipedia, Vimeo, Technorati, StumbleUpon, Twitter, Windows and many more.You can easily change the color, create hover effects in CSS, and anything else you can imagine.

Download the Mono Social Icon Font

This makes it super easy to embed beautiful icons in your website that look great. You can download the Mono social icon font and use it in your own website. It’s free for whatever use ( commercial or personal ), both for web or for printing purpose. Licensed under the Open Font License. It is also hosted on GitHub. Click the link below to download the most mono social icons.

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