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Cool WordPress Snippets

Cool WordPress Snippets

Cool WordPress Snippets The great thing about WordPress is the fact that you can customize it to fit your needs in a variety of ways. If you know some simple PHP, you can add custom functionality to any WordPress theme. Adding simple scripts, called snippets, to your...

7 Innovative and Inspiring Web Designs

7 Innovative and Inspiring Web Designs

Inspiring Web Designs As the world of web designing seems to shrink in terms of creativity, more and more designers are coming up with almost unfathomable new designs. Here are some of the more unique and innovative websites that stand out from the rest. These...

How to Format Text in Bootstrap

How to Format Text in Bootstrap

Format Text in Bootstrap Easily Whether you're new to web design and development, or you've been around for a few years, there are certain aspects of building a website that can be a pain. If you're not working with a framework, formatting your text can be a headache....

Inspirational Web Design Part 7

Inspirational Web Design Part 7

Inspirational Web Design If you're stuck on a web design project, it can drive you nuts. You keep racking your brain, trying to come up with a great concept or killer idea. It's posts like these that can kill your creative block and get your creative juices flowing...



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10+ Best WordPress Plugins to Manage WordPress Multisite

Launched in 2010, WordPress Multisite is a WordPress feature that helps you numerous independent websites from one WordPress installation. With a WordPress Multisite, you can easily create a network with many sub-sites from a sole database Truth be said, there are many WordPress plugins but not all of them are tailored to enhance the management of WordPress Multisite networks. Many WordPress Multisite network admins, irrespective of their techie experience find it difficult to establish the best plugins to use on their Multisite networks. If you are one of them, we have made things pretty easier for you by compiling you a list of over 11 best plugins that you can on your Multisite network for its easy management.

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