Shopera Free WooCommerce Theme

Everyone seems to have the dream of owning their on online store for selling goods and making their online fortune. The only problem is that it isn’t easy to build your own online store. There are tons of solutions out there, but they aren’t very straightforward. The only one that makes setting up your own online store easy, is WooCommerce. It integrates seamlessly to WordPress, making blogging and online sales go hand in hand. The only problem is finding a good WooCommerce theme that gives your site a professional look. The Shopera Free WooCommerce Theme by Cohhe, is a magnificent WooCommerce theme for your online store. Let’s take a look at Shopera and why you should use it.

Shopera Free WooCommerce Theme - home

Shopera’s layout is excellent. It has a huge main image, where you can add an important message or call attention to a major promotion. To the right of the main image and underneath it, there are posts that wrap around it. There may be sales or featured products. Further down the home page are the latest items from your store. You can place a special message or a testimonial to build trust with visitors.

Near the bottom of the home page, you can divide the content into different categories of items, depending on what people are looking for. If you want to promote some extra special brands, you can feature their logos at the bottom of the page. Any important information, such as contact info, can be placed within the footer.

Shopera Free WooCommerce Theme - blog

The blog page has a simple grid layout, with thin, elegant typography, which is perfect for a clean online store appearance. The sidebar is wide enough where it feels like you aren’t cramming content into it. It allows the content to breathe, with plenty of room and a well organized structure.


The shop page allows you to filter items by price. it also has a widget for recent reviews of products, and a search form, so you can find what you’re looking for, without any fuss. Each product has a simple colored pricing box overlaid on top of the product image.

Shopera Free WooCommerce Theme contact

The contact page features a 2 column layout, with a full width Google map. It shows your location on the map. You have plenty of room for your own contact information, while having a fully working contact form for inquiries.

Download the Shopera Free WooCommerce Theme

The Shopera Free WooCommerce Theme is an excellent choice for building your online store. You’ll have a professional look, while building trust with visitors. To view a live demo or download the theme, click the links below.

Demo | Download