Stackicons Free Icon Font

Stackicons Free Icon Font

Are you looking for a great free icon font you can use in your websites? The Stackicons Free Icon Font is just what you’re looking for. Stackicons-Social includes over 60 up-to-date icons for modern social brands — from to Zerply. Each icon was meticulously crafted to look great at multiple sizes, with five different button shapes, from square to circle, or icon-only. This makes it easy to fit the look of your website.

Easy to Customize

Want to change the default button shape and color style, adjust colors or more? Just change the variables in the Sass construction kit files. You can also override with built-in styles. See some examples.


Stackicons stack — using overlapping colors to create “multi-color” icons with a contemporary flat look. (Think of two-color or screen printing.)

Using Stackicons

Stackicons-Social comes with default CSS that you can link to or @import. There’s a usage guide to get you started, along with some examples.

If you’re comfortable using Sass, you can customize things extensively just by changing variables in the Sass construction kit files: brand colors, default size, shape and spacing, hover effects and more. This is extremely useful!


Stackicons-Social is open source and 100% free for any use. Want to support the project? Any amount would be a big help. As a small thank you, Parker Bennett will send you Stackicons-Social-Complete, with a few more of his own custom icons.

Download the Stackicons Free Icon Font

The Stackicons free icon font is free to download and use in your projects. It is completely open source, so you can use it however you wish. This icon font is versatile, with colors and shapes, an makes it easy to fit any website. Simply click the link below to be taken to the download page.