Top 10 Must Have WordPress Plug-Ins

WordPress has changed the way businesses used to create and manage their websites and blogs. The CMS has made it easy and convenient to accomplish almost any task you want. With the seamless developer support and the huge numbers of plug-ins, you can expect to create a website and get it up and running in no time!

Here are the top 10 must-have WordPress plug-ins that you can use to optimize your business website to deliver the best in terms of every aspect!

#1- 404 Redirected

wordpress plugins: 404 redirected

A large number of business owners fail to monitor the broken links on their website, which mean a serious SEO problem. Potential customers might leave your website for another one when they notice broken links and you could also be missing out on large amounts of online traffic.

404 Redirected is a free plug-in that shows you all the broken links that give 404 errors and allows you to redirect them to actual pages on your website.

#2- W3 Total Cache

Wordpress Plugins: W3 Total Cache

If your website is loaded with images and scripts, you will witness noticeable improvement in terms of speed by using cache plug-ins. W3 Total Cache serves as the most diverse cache plug-in, which you can use to boost speed and performance for your website.

#3- Digg Digg

Wordpress Plugins: Digg Digg

Want to integrate social media into your website? The free plug-in, Digg Digg can help! It puts up a floating box on your website that enables users to share the page they are on. Moreover, you can customize which popular social media website options you want to show up on your website.

#4- Content Aware Sidebars

Wordpress Plug-ins: Content Aware Sidebars

If you are familiar with content management systems, you will realize that you need to assign widgets to posts or pages, and there is no built-in way in WordPress to do that. Using Content Aware Sidebars, you can assign any number of sidebars to widgets, and assign it to pages or posts. Once you create a widget, it will automatically show up in the appearance options.

#5- Backup Buddy

Wordpress Plug-ins: Backup Buddy

Backup Buddy is an essential plug-in for your website. It backs up core WordPress, database, and all the plug-ins you integrate. Moreover, it allows you to create scheduled backups in various locations like FTP, DropBox etc.

#6- Enhanced Text Widget

Wordpress Plug-ins: Enhanced text widget

The Enhanced Text Widget includes support for Java, Flash, HTML, and PHP, something that you cannot get with out-of-the-box text widget that comes with WordPress. Using Enhanced Text Widget, you can also assign CSS classes to the widget and turn your widget titles into links.

#7- Akismet

Wordpress Plug-ins: akismet

Akismet is one of the best out-of-the-box plug-ins to combat spam. You can setup it up easily using your dedicated key through, and setup parameters to battle spam!

#8- WordPress SEO (By Yoast)

Wordpress Plugi-ns: Yoast

Using WordPress SEO, you can have great control of meta descriptions based on each post or page and you also get great control of page titles. Moreover, it gives you diverse options to setup rules for search engine bots and customize all Google+ and social media descriptions.

#9- Gravity Forms

Wordpress Plug-ins: Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is by far the best plug-in to create forms which can help you collect information and generate leads. Additionally, Gravity Forms gives you the largest number of add-ons and features which seamlessly integrate into CRM systems.

#10-Visual Composer For WordPress

Wordpress Plug-ins: Visual Composer

If you manage and operate your WordPress website yourself, you will find the feature-rich Visual Composer useful. It allows you completely customize your website with image columns, buttons, galleries, accordions, videos, and a lot more!

The Bottom Line

WordPress has gradually become one of the most used CMS systems in the world, and with the developer support, you can get thousands of free and paid plug-ins. However, consider these 10 plug-ins a must-have, as they can help make the management of your website easier and fun, with a lot of features and options!