Viro Media Controls UI Kit

This media controls Ui kit is a really sleek Ui design. The soft colors and subtle shadows add a really nice sense of depth to this UI kit. The simple, minimal typography only adds to the  elegance of the Viro Media Controls UI Kit. I also like the soft, elegant knobs and buttons featured in the psd file. This free psd file shows a mastery of light and shadow, because a great deal of depth is shown with a perfect subtle shadow placement. The melon colored interface is a great contrast to the stark grey background. The white buttons are also a good choice to stand out against the gray and melon, without competing with them. The soft glow of the areas that are supposed to be lit up is a nice touch, without overpowering the elegant design.

Viro-Media-Controls-UI kit Viro-Media-Controls-UI_02 Viro-Media-Controls-UI_03

You could easily change the glow color to blue or anything else that might stand out against gray and white. Green might be another good choice. This file is in psd format and is free to download. The psd file is fully editable and is organized into easy-to-manage layers. You could easily adapt this Media Controls UI Kit to anything that needs an elegant user interface. This is a top-quality Psd file and certain shows of some great UI design skills. This UI kit includes toggle buttons, power switches, sharing and shuffle buttons and anything else that you might expect from a media controls UI kit. It would be extremely easy to build your own User Interface for an audio or video player


What do you think about the Viro Media Controls UI Kit? Do you like the colors or will you change them? What type of project are you going to apply this UI kit to? Leave your thoughts and answers in the comments section below.

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