Web Design News

I am trying something a little different here on Web Design Blog. I realize that it can seem overwhelming when trying to keep up with the latest on the web. One thing that’s important as a web designer or developer is to keep evolving in any way you possibly can. There’s always a new CSS trick you can learn that will make your life easier, methods to make your sites look better, and make them more consistent, all at the same time. I have gathered the latest web design news from around the web. Some of it is advice, some of it contains useful tricks and CSS that you can use in your own sites. Let’s take a look at the 1st edition of Web Design News.

Pure CSS3 Font Animation


Material Design is trending right now since Google’s announcement. This animation really gets your attention. See how it’s done & download the source code. Awesome work!

How to Create Off-Canvas Sliding Navigation Menu


This article will show you how to make a cool sliding navigation with an off-page canvas effect. They use CSS transition and animation, as well as jQuery for adding/removing classes to trigger the animations.

How to Enable CSS Transform in IE6-8

web design news - transform IE8

If you want to enable CSS transform capabilities in in older browsers, like IE8, this tutorial will show you how.

The CSS that you know nothing about

css-drop-cap - web design news

This post talks about the css that is usually forgotten, but still relevant and useful. Imagine creating a dropcap in CSS. Well, now you can! Michael Weaver will show you that, as well as selecting elements that aren’t active and other useful tips. He even mentions which browsers support each feature.

Want to Design in the Browser? Try Brackets

web design news: Brackets

With focused visual tools and preprocessor support, Brackets is a modern text editor that makes it easy to design in the browser. It even has an extract feature to retrieve CSS from Psd files.

Animated SVG Icon

animated-svg - web design news

How to optimize SVG code and animate an SVG icon using CSS and Snap.svg library. I have always been a fan of SVG. It’s crisp, clean, and responsive. It is easily the present and future of web graphics. This tutorial will tell you everything you need to know about animating an SVG. I even picked up new information I hadn’t realized before, “that the way you organize your layers in your graphic editor is gonna affect the code output.”

Ideas For Subtle Hover Effects

subtle-hover-effects web design news

This article isn’t brand new, since it came out in the summer, but anything from Codrops is golden. Check out these awesome hover effects using 3D translate and pseudo elements.

Some More Subtle Hover Effect Ideas


This post is based on the previous one above, but with new and different hover effects. This one is the more recent one, being about a week old. You can never have too many hover effects for your websites.

A Guide To Conducting A Mobile UX Diagnostic


Testing your mobile apps to ensure optimum user experience is essential for your business. Visitors will complain and you’ll get a bad rep otherwise. See how to run a mobile UX diagnostic on your mobile app.

Free Download: 60 Flat Style Mockups


All created in a flat line art style design, these mockups are available as jpgs, SVGs, PNGs and Psd files. Be sure to download them now.

Professional Mock-Ups Bundle with 40+ PSD files – only $27!


You work hard on your websites and client projects. It’s a good idea to show them off in the best way possible. Presentation can go a long way in making the sale.

Pure CSS Ribbon


It’s awesome that we aren’t so reliant on images and graphics for our sites. I created a ribbon completely out of CSS. You can download the source files in the post.

Sass-based Grid Systems: How to Split Columns, not Hairs


Not all basic grid systems are the end all be all to your problems. What happens when you need a custom solution? This post covers severall handy tools for getting the job done.

Common SEO Myths & Misconceptions


Don’t believe everything you hear about SEO. It’s important to stay informed by the right sources. This post dispels common myths about SEO.


The battle of Sass vs. Less rages on, but there are a few features of Less that you may not know about. Check them out in this post, and add the to your repertoire.

Your Website is an Ugly Baby, You Just Don’t Know it Yet


This post uses heat maps to show where users are clicking, dispelling some myths, such as having a huge banner on your website. The heat maps in this post show your where visitors are really clicking.