WP Notification Bar: MyThemeShop’s new WordPress Plugin

I am a member to a few select services on the web, because they regularly churn out great products. I believe in quality, and I’ll pay a monthly subscription if I feel like I am getting my money’s worth. Well, today MyThemeShop just launched something excellent that I feel is definitely worth the small monthly subscription I pay. Not only do I get access to excellent WordPress themes, but they also create awesome WordPress plugins. Their newest plugin is called WP Notification Bar.

WP Notification Bar

Why WP Notification Bar is So Cool

WP Notification Bar is cool, because it’s flexible and gives you a ton of options. These options are all geared towards the type of marketing that you do for your business. If you’re launching a product, you can place a countdown in your notification bar. If you want to promote your social media accounts and grow your audience and your reach, you can do that, too. You can collect email address, or set up call to action buttons to drive traffic to a page.


You can also send people to your most popular posts, or posts related to the one they just read. You can place the search feature in the notification bar, making it easy for people to fins what they are looking for.

Put it Where You Want It

You decide where the bar shows up. You could have a different bar for every page if you want, carefully crafting who sees what, depending on where they are on your site. Imagine having a page selling your ebook, only to have a notification bar at the top with a coupon code, or a link promoting your other books, a sale, or any package deals you may be offering. Then, on another page, you may be selling a premium WordPress plugin, and you could promote something completely different.

Another Standout feature is the fact that you can use any shortcode in the notification bar, too. If your theme includes custom shortcodes for a specific feature, put it in your notification bar! I feel like MyThemeShop has thought of everything here.

Check out WP Notification Bar