Yarn: Free WordPress Theme of the Week

If you write a lot, you need a WordPress theme that accentuates your writing. If your work is mainly literature, you want a site that looks like a literary piece, while being on the web. The thing is, most themes right now look the same. Very few themes, even though WordPress themes are centered around blogging and writing, are centered around writing as a medium. They are specifically targeted for video, graphics, photography, etc. Today’s free WordPress theme, called Yarn is by a company called HybridTheme. Lets take a look at the Yard Free WordPress theme, and why you may want to consider it for your own website.


The site is mainly set up to be distraction free. it takes advantage of the hamburger menu, even on the desktop. This strips away distracting menus and removes the temptation to click away from the post you’re reading. if you want to explore the rest of the site, the menu is still there, it’s just tucked away.


You can do a few specialty tasks, such as promote quotes, or place a strong blog post title over vivid imagery. Your site is more about the experience and the journey than it is about instant gratification. You’re encouraged to stay a while and explore everything the site has to offer.

Yarn is basically a child theme for a framework for writers called saga. Yarn has an elegant presence that speaks of high quality and sophistication. The hard part is left up to you, which is to come up with great content. You also have access to a few extra features, like custom designed form elements. They tie in well with the child theme’s overall design.

Yarn Free WordPress Theme

Download the Yarn free WordPress Theme

You can download Yarn for free, or you can download it below by clicking either of the links shown below.

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