10 Ways to Improve Your Website

Why You Should Improve Your Website

Your website is your company’s face to the world. A good website will require both  stunning appearance and functionality. Remember that the goal of internet marketing is to allow your business to get ahead of your competitors, so it’s vital to create a website that will help you attract prospective clients and close a deal. So, how can you acquire this ideal website? The following are tips will help you improve your website.

  1. Responsive design. First and foremost, make sure that your website is mobile friendly since more than 50% of searches done are through mobile devices. So, if you haven’t integrated a responsive design, you may have missed out of 50% of the chances for new business. Mobile-friendly means that your current site shrinks and grows with the size of the device it is displayed on. This is also believed to be great for SEO or search engine optimization. I consider this to be one of the best ways to improve your website.
  2. Have a balance. This is a basic principle of web design, which is directly linked to each element. It helps you have control over the page design flow. Balance may be symmetrical or asymmetrical. The latter usually produce a unique layout due to different weight of elements used, while the first one leads to a traditional and formal design. To have a great layout, things must flow well and be easy to understand.
  3. Avoid Distracting Backgrounds. Applying a busy background can distract user’s attention. It will disregard visual hierarchies and hides valuable information. If the background image used has a higher impact compared to anything else, users will probably miss the message provided in your website and leave quickly. This means if you want an improved site, use good background images. Subtlety is key here.
  4. Detail, Detail, Detail. Typically, websites suck when designers forget about minor things. To have an improved website, try to review it from top to bottom and spot the elements that need improvement. Simple things, like contact information, are key to a successful website.
  5. Make a valuable intro. The times when viewers are awed by flashing intros are long gone. Nowadays users like websites which deliver quick information upon some clicks. Everything they want to see needs some value and must present some point. All flash and no substance no longer works for a successful website.
  6. Structure Your Site Well. There’s nothing worse than visiting a website where the placement of information doesn’t make sense. Plan the structure of your site before building it. Be sure to organize information to make sense where all information can be found.
  7. Pick the right combination of colors. The wrong selection of colors can initially ruin your entire website. Color types, saturation, contrast, style, target audience are just some of the consideration needed to make a nice-looking website. Have you ever been on a website where the text was hard to read? I doubt you stayed long to read any of the information.
  8. Tiered Landing Pages. If you offer a variety of products and services, it’s a must to have appropriate landing pages and must contain effective messaging as well as call to action. optimize all landing pages for conversions, streamlining each page and stripping away useless elements.
  9. Integrate Analytics. This will help you monitor the growth of your online business and help you succeed. You can see why people are coming to your site in the first place. You can see how they are arriving, where they came from, and relevant search terms that brought them there.

Fresh high quality Content. Aside from the design, it’s also vital to have  great content that will further drive your prospective customers to frequently visit your site. Be sure to collect email addresses and send regular newsletters to promote return traffic. If you aren’t collecting email addresses, this can be one of the best ways to improve your website.

Do you have any tips that may help improve your website? You should always be striving for a better experience.