40 Free Stroke Icons From The Sympletts Pack

This weeks free icon set is a set of 40 free Stroke Icons from the Sympletts pack by Bogdan Rosu. If you’re looking for a simple icon set for your user interface, the Free Stroke Icons pack is just the set for you. This set is part of a bigger pack of premium icons called the Sympletts Pack, which features 300+ icons of the same style. You can download the set of 40 free Stroke Icons for free to use in your projects. However, if you need more icons, you might consider picking up the entire pack. You can preview the set of 40 free Stroke Icons below.

40 Free Stroke Icons

From a target, to settings icons, this set has a nice variety of different icons. You’ll also find a magnifying glass and a camera icon. The outline icon of an avatar is a simple icon that would look great in a minimal interface. The home icon would look great on any website. The file folder and paper clip would look great for any document app, and the start and heart icons would look great for likes and ratings. There is also a check box and an x box for selecting and deselecting options or closing popup windows. You could do a lot with this set, and you could do even more if you had the full icon set.

Download 40 Free Stroke Icons

You can download 40 free Stroke Icons by Bogdan Rosu for free. You can use these in your website or mobile app designs. They would look great in any interface, and the minimal design will fit just about any modern design. To download the set of 40 free Stroke Icons, click the link below. You’ll be taken to the download page where you can download the sample icons.

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