Free jQuery Slider Plugins

Nowadays, most websites have a slider and there is a practical reason behind using them. You can use them to highlight the more important content within limited space. Here are the 6 best free jQuery slider plugins for WordPress that can help you show multiple content, images and videos in the limited space without much difficulty.

Meta Slider

Free jQuery Slider Plugins meta-slider

Meta Slider is probably the most popular jQuery slider for WP, as it has been downloaded more than 0.46 million times. It has 4 jQuery sliders in itself. It makes it easy to create new sliders. You can add images, choose the slider and the plugin will deliver the shortcode that could be inserted into your website. Meta Slider is available for free but it has a paid version as well (Pro Version).

Infinite Slider

Free jQuery Slider Plugins infinite-slider

Infinite Slider is for you if you are looking for a free jQuery slider plugin for WP with advanced features. It has full responsive design, offers easier navigation and has custom slider descriptions. Infinite Slider provides automatic image resizing features and can be easily customized. It is available entirely for free download.

Posts Slider

Free jQuery Slider Plugins smooth-slider posts-sliders

Posts Slider is another popular free jQuery slider plugin for WordPress, which is known for its lightweight and responsive posts. You can use it to manage your posts for display using custom categories and tags. This WP plugin has pre-designed layouts, and it is quite easy to use.

Soliloquy Lite


Soliloquy is considered by many to be one of the best responsive WP slider plugin. It has been evaluated by industry-leading experts and claimed to be one of the easiest to use codes for any WP slider plugin. Use it to create endless number of responsive sliders using any number of pictures per slider with just a single click.

Smooth Slider


6 transition effects and responsive design are some of the main features of the Smooth Slider. It provides an image and content slideshow with customizable background. The slide and background could be placed anywhere within your website. The plugin also supports custom slider, recent posts and category slider.


Well known by its name, the Wow slider requires that you download another application, the WOWSlider wizard to build your slideshow. The slideshow can then be uploaded to the plugin itself. You can then copy-paste the shortcode into your website.

These are the top 6 free jQuery slider plugins for WordPress that can be used in your website.