Vintage Flyer Template

It’s been a while since I have created an exclusive freebie for Web Design Blog. When I thought about it, I noticed that many designer love vintage inspired freebies. That’s why I decided to create a free vintage flyer template. This free Photoshop file has vintage type, along with subtle vintage textures applied to it. I left the text completely editable, making this vintage flyer template handy to use in your design projects. You can preview a screenshot of my vintage flyer template, shown below.

Free Vintage Flyer template

I used 2 fonts to create this vintage look. The first one is Bazar, which is a great free font. Keep in mind that you can only use it in uppercase form. If you try to use lowercase letters, the font (or at least on my computer) it flips out and switches to a default font. The other font I used is Ostrich Sans, which is an awesome free font for vintage designs. I decided to add a frame around the vintage flyer template. Borders were common in vintage designs, mainly due to the fact that ornamentation and decoration used to be a big part of design. When you open the Psd file, all of the layers are invisible. You’ll need to enable the visibility of all of the layers. I did this, because it saves roughly 30% on the size of the download file.

Download My Vintage Flyer Template

You can download this free vintage flyer template for free. You can use it however you wish, whether it is in personal or commercial projects. You don’t have to provide credit to me. The only thing you can’t do is sell my template or redistribute it. If you would like to spread the word about my template, please share this page on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or your own design blog. I would appreciate the promotion. To download this free template, click the link below.

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