Free Winter UI Kit

If you’ve been a designer for a while, chances are that you use style guides to lay the groundwork for your projects. One of the main goals of a designer is to create a consistent look between all of the elements of a design. A style guide can help you to achieve this, but a UI kit can as well. You can nail the look of your user interface and web elements by building a UI kit inside of Photoshop or Illustrator. You’ll determine all of the elements, the colors, and you’ll consistently render them in pixels before moving on to html and CSS. This can be extremely handy for big projects. PixelKit is just the place for all types of UI kits, where you can nail down the style of your site before coding it. Today, we have an exclusive freebie from Pixelkit, which is a sample of their Snowflakes Winter UI Kit. Let’s take a look at the Winter UI Kit and what is available for download.

Snowflakes WInter UI Kit

This exclusive freebie is a great selection of useful elements, from a weather app section, to subtle social media buttons. I love the colorful menu system with the bright and bold hover states. Those are essential for usability, because visitors like to have no question about where they are on the page, or what is active. No one likes unintentionally going to the wrong page. The UI Kits offered by Pixelkit are both beautiful and practical. Each element is well thought out and has a viable purpose.

Between menus, galleries, buttons and media players, Pixelkit has you covered. I could easily see any of these elements popping up on a smartphone or tablet. Pixel Kit is providing a set of free elements, which you can download by clicking the button below. To get the full version, be sure to visit their site to find out more.

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