The 10 Best Free Minimal WordPress Themes

The 10 Best Free Minimal WordPress Themes

When you are planning a new website or blog, it can be tough to find a quality free WordPress theme to use as a base for your new site. There is a lot of junk out there that won’t help a bit. Some WordPress themes are so complicated and built so poorly that they actually cause more problems than if you just built your own WordPress themes from scratch. My suggestion to you is to look for a free minimal WordPress theme to start from. This is a great idea, because you don’t have a lot of extra garbage that you don’t need, but you get a good WordPress theme with nice styling that you can add to easily. I have gathered 10 of the best free minimal WordPress themes to start your new site or blog with.


Free Minimal WordPress Themes Blackbird

Packed with simple options and an easy-to-use themes option section, blackbird one of the best free minimal WordPress themes to start build your site with.

Demo | Download


Free Minimal WordPress Themes Andrina

Andrina is a simple WordPress theme that is clean and has a nice minimal appearance. Complete with social media icons and a minimal navigation menu, this is a good base WordPress theme.

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vFlex: Free Minimal WordPress Themes

vFlex is an awesome responsive WordPress theme with a built in slider and a 4 column layout underneath. It would be good for a small agency or a simple site that sells a few good services.

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Pytheas: Free minimal WordPress Themes

Pytheas another one of those great free minimal WordPress themes that looks too good to be free. It is completely responsive, and the navigation menu is prominent above the main image. It even has a search feature and nice minimal icons.

Preview & Download


Origin free responsive WordPress theme

Origin is a great minimal WordPress theme that I have used as a base for a few small WordPress sites that I have built. It is easy to adapt to a variety of applications. It doesn’t have all of the frills that get in the way, but it is built well. It is also extremely easy to build on.

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Respo Free responsive WordPress Theme

Respo is a slick minimal WordPress theme with a small slider gallery, a nice sidebar section and a clean menu at the top of the site. Respo is responsive, and would be great for a blog where the content is the main show.

Demo | Download


Yasmin Free Responsive WordPress Theme

Yasmin is a nice WordPress theme that has a few nice features but doesn’t muddy things up with a bunch of junk. It features a prominent slider and a great little call-to-action section underneath. There social media icons, a search bar and a really nice navigation menu. This is a great free minimal WordPress theme for a basic site.

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Photum is a great minimal WordPress theme that would be great for any type of gallery. It has a nice minimal menu on the left. The gallery is in a block layout and really showcases the images, making them stand out.

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Clean Retina

Clean Retina: Free Responsive WordPress Portfolio Themes

Clean Retina is the definition of minimal. It has very little color and the text really steals the show with this one. It is a great minimal WordPress theme for a text-heavy blog or journal site. Images really stand out here as well, so a travel blog would be a good choice here too.

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Free WordPress Themes Pinboard

Pinboard is one of the best free minimal WordPress themes, because of its subtle style. The social media icons tend to fade into the background, but the navigation menu above the slider has a lot of impact. Pinboard would be great for a business website or any other type of website.

Demo | Download


Which of these free minimal WordPress themes is your favorite? You can use these themes in a variety of applications. The best part is that a lot of these free minimal WordPress themes are responsive, which means that they will look great on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. What will you use these WordPress themes for? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.



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