JQuery applications are much in use today as the developers find it the most convenient javascript platform enhanced cross-browser library for scripting client-side html. The jQuery javascript library is ready to use platform comprising several user friendly features and customization facilities. The availability of instant plugins in jQuery eases out the job of the website designers to enhance the look and feel of the sites. With mobile devices such as Smartphone emerging as a major device for the internet users, jQuery Slider with responsive designing flexibility is being widely implemented by the developers.

Major attributes of using jQuery

  • Easy to use and implement features without the need for intensive programming skills which is quite convenient for new web designers
  • Saves time and can be set up in a few minutes
  • Bestows a professional look to the website
  • Availability of several essential plugins
  • A better option compared to the use of Flash which makes the site SEO friendly

Here is a list of 10 most important free jQuery Slider providers that have astounding features and are convenient to use:

1. Flux Slider

flux jquery slider


  • Supports all major browsers
  • Flexible adjustments for compatibility with different devices
  • 2D and 3D transition support
  • Comfortable navigation through different images

Essential Requirement:

Browsers with CSS3 support


The users may encounter jerks in some Android devices.

Does not work with the browsers that do not have CSS3 support

2. Basic jQuery Slider

basic jquery slider


  • 17 different customization features and options available
  • Easy to use for new developers
  • Superb themes
  • Lightweight

Essential Requirement:

CSS and Js plug in and jQuery

3. Unslider

unslider jquery slider


  • Excellent support for keyboard navigation
  • Responsive support to enhance compatibility with different devices
  • Flexibility in height adjustments
  • 6 customization features
  • Swipe support
  • Easy to implement methods for accessing Unslider properties

4. Responsive Slides

responsive slides jquery slider


  • Support for multiple slideshows
  • Caption support
  • Options to choose from manual or automatic mode
  • Facilities to wrap the images in links
  • Gzipped features
  • Responsive support for various devices
  • Page navigation control support

5. Camera Slider

camera slider jquery slider


  • Availability of more than 30 customization features
  • 4 essential callback functions
  • Facility to access different data attributes
  • Commercial usage for free
  • Multiple skin support

6. SlideJS

slidejs jquery slider


  • Responsive slideshow for compatibility with different devices
  • Availability of swipe support for usage on touch support devices
  • 7 different keys for customization
  • No requirement for plugin header modification
  • Commercial apps usage available for free

7. bxSlider

Bxslider jquery slider


  • Excellent responsive support for different devices
  • Presence of Vertical and Horizontal modes
  • Compatible for tough enhanced devices with swipe support
  • Thumbnails available for convenient page navigation support
  • A plethora of customization features available

8. ScrollDeck

scrolldeck jquery slider


  • Compatible for developing full screen presentations
  • Superb support for keyboard navigation
  • Facilities for placing animation elements on the slides

9. Galleria

galleria jquery slider


  • Support for free usage under the MIT license authorization
  • Touch support for Smartphone devices such as iPhone etc.
  • Responsive features to ensure flexible height adjustments for various devices
  • Eases the job of extracting images from sources such as YouTube, Flickr, Picasa and other sources

10.  jQuery Blinds

jquery blinds jquery slider


  • Unobtrusive javascript support
  • Plugin with jQuery compatibility available
  • Convenient animated transition
  • Customization features available for animation
  • Facility for obtaining manifold instances on the same webpage
  • Customization supportive sprite grid