A lot of entrepreneurs and WordPress beginners always remain in search for must have wordpress plug-in for their blog. Having the suitable group of tools will help you take your blog to the next stage. In this post, we are going to share the must have WordPress plugins for your websites in 2016.

1. Yoast SEO Plugins     Must Have Plugins: yoast seo

This is probably the most used plug-in in WordPress websites. This plugin allows you to set meta title, focused keyword and meta description i.e. snippets of your post. Plugin also gives you suggestion that how you can improve the on page meta setting of your post.

Top Features:

  • Page Analysis
  • Technical Search Engine Optimization
  • Meta and link elements
  • XML sitemaps
  • RSS Optimization

2. W3 Total Cache Plugins

w3 totol cache

This plugin helps to increase the page speed and improves the server performance of your website. Hence, optimizing the overall user experience of your blog. This plugin can save 80% of your bandwidth by compressing HTML, CSS, Javascript and feeds of your website.

Top features

  • Shared Hosting compatibility
  • Transparent Content delivery network CDN management
  • Mobile Support
  • Caching of pages, posts, feeds, css, javascript, search result pages, database

3. Broken Link Checker

broken link checker

This plugin checks the broken links of your website and report you those links after complete analysis. It provides you many built in function for the broken urls after generating report such as edit url, unlink, not broken, dismiss etc.

Top Features

  • Monitors links in posts, pages and comments
  • Detects broken links, missing images and broken redirections
  • Notification about broken links via email or dashboard
  • Stop search engines to crawl broken links

4. Akismet Plugins

akismet - Must Have Plugins for spam

This is the number one plugin for controlling spam on a website. This plugin is installed by default in wordpress. All the comments done on a website are sent to Akismet server that analysis them by different algorithm to show only valid and real comment on a website.

Top Features

  • Auto check all comments for spam
  • Each comment is marked as spam, not spam by akismet or moderator
  • Urls are shown with each comment
  • Discard feature to remove the comments from spam folder, all the comments discarded in this way will be marked as spam in future.

5. All In One Schema.org Rich Snippets

rich snippets

This plugin allows to show your rich snippets in Google searches, you can show your product reviews, ratings, prices and other details in search engine thus increasing the CTR of your website.

Top Features:

  • This plugin shows photos, reviews, rating, price and author name in snippets along with basis metas.
  • Facebook also display the proper information when someone shares your link there.
  • Increases SERPs and CTR of your website.

6. Ultimate Social Media PLUS

social media plus

This is probably the best plugin to enable social sharing buttons on your website. This plugin shows these buttons on all pages, post and categories. One can customize the social sharing buttons with lot of options and can show sharing count with each button. You can see more WordPress SEO plugins here.

Top Features:

  • 16 different designs for icons
  • Display buttons before or after post or at home page
  • Option to show Counts for each sharing button
  • Option to animate the social icons
  • Set call to action for buttons i.e. to simply like or share or open your page

7. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

yet another related posts

This plugin helps to show related posted below each article so that you readers continue reading the posts on your blog one after the other. Therefore, reader will spend more time on your blog.

Top Features:

  • Thumbnail or list view for related posts
  • Advance options to show related posts
  • Display related posts in RSS feed
  • Best template settings for related posts

8. Redirections Plugin

redirections: Must Have Plugins for WordPress

This plugin allows to 301 redirect your pages to other links and keep track of 404 erros on your website. This plugin is most useful when you’re shifting to another domain or changing the installation directory off your wordpress.

Top Features:

  • 404 error monitoring
  • Full logs for all redirections
  • Every urs can be redirected
  • Fully localized and no need to edit .htaccess file

9. Limit Login Attempts plugin

wp limit login

This plugin limit the login attempts from an IP and ban it temporarily. Thus, saving you from spam attackers who try and try user name and passwords to break into your website. It also detects the bots by captcha verification.

Top Features:

  • Redirect to home page on brutal attack of spam or slow down the process of hacking
  • Limit no of login attempts
  • Captcha verification
  • Track user login attempts and bans Ips after crossing the limit

10. WP Notification Bars

notificaiton bars

This plugin allows the webmaster to show notification popup on their websites to show them promotions or to redirect them to newsletters or social pages.

Top Features:

  • Create unlimited no of notifications
  • Responsive with all screens
  • Unlimited colors and font sizes
  • Show on home page, posts or home page

Author Bio: Jawad Tahir from BestCMSPluginsa brand known for top of the line reviews about CMS modules and themes. He loves to write comparison and list based articles that are beneficial for ecommerce merchants and bloggers. Follow him on TwitterLinkedIn.