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Essential Logo Design Tips

Essential Logo Design Tips

Logo Design Tips Logo design might seem like a simple task, but a lot goes into the process of designing and developing a logo. A logo has to inform everyone of a business and what it does. It also needs to be streamlined, so that it is easy to read and understand. It...

Inspiring Web Design Week 6

Inspiring Web Design Week 6

Examples of Inspiring Web Design You won't believe some of the sites I have compiled this week. These awesome examples of inspiring web design will make you want to push yourself to your own limits with your next website designs. With dazzling effects and subtle...

Html5 Canvas Gradients

Html5 Canvas Gradients Just like in CSS, you can create gradients in html5 canvas, too. If you couldn't, I wouldn't be that impressed with it. It would definitely be a feature that would be requested. Even though flat is in right now, everyone likes the ability to...



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10+ Best WordPress Plugins to Manage WordPress Multisite

Launched in 2010, WordPress Multisite is a WordPress feature that helps you numerous independent websites from one WordPress installation. With a WordPress Multisite, you can easily create a network with many sub-sites from a sole database Truth be said, there are many WordPress plugins but not all of them are tailored to enhance the management of WordPress Multisite networks. Many WordPress Multisite network admins, irrespective of their techie experience find it difficult to establish the best plugins to use on their Multisite networks. If you are one of them, we have made things pretty easier for you by compiling you a list of over 11 best plugins that you can on your Multisite network for its easy management.

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